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Why Rent From Coastal Renting?

At Coastal Renting, we always have the concerns of our tenants in mind with every decision that we make. One of the most difficult challenges of being a tenant at all is paying the rent on time. While it isn’t necessarily difficult to mail or drop off rent each month, sometimes life can interfere in unsuspected ways.

What if you didn’t have enough time to drop off your check before you went to work and you ended up having to stay late? If the office is closed when you get back, you might be out of luck.What if you are called out of town unexpectedly, and you forget to mail or drop off your rent check before leaving? These are the types of situations that would have come with severe financial penalties for late payments in the past.

No more. At Coastal Renting you can always pay your rent online with an online check, debit card, or credit card from your Web browser on any device that is connected to the internet. Just log onto the tenant portal on the official Coastal Renting website, enter the appropriate information, and you’re done.  If you choose to setup automatic payments, you will never have to worry about a late payment again!